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Tile Care

Best Tips To Take Care Of Tile Floors

High quality tile floors from The North Floors can stand up to a lot. However, just because tile floors are highly durable, doesn’t mean you should neglect their care. To keep your tiles looking their best and to extend their life follow these helpful care tips:

USE FLOOR MATS and Door mats

Doormats and floor mats are a staple in most homes, but are sometimes ignored. However, they are actually very beneficial to a home, especially to your floors. They are essential because they prevent dirt and water from getting directly into your floors every time someone – you or a visitor — steps inside your home. The mat fibers help to absorb and contain dirt, debris, and moisture, keeping it away from flooring. By reducing the amount of dirt and debris on your floors you will help to keep your home cleaner and also prevent your floors from getting scratched or scraped.


Don’t let the dirt settle on your floors for long. Ideally, you should make sweeping or vacuuming a daily chore, but if your schedule prevents frequent cleanings, try to find the time to sweep up at least two times a week. When you leave dirt on your tile floors for an extended period of time, you allow it to seep into the grout which makes it harder to remove. A soft dust mop is the best tool for the job, but you can use a vacuum with a tile floor attachment if you prefer. Avoid brooms with stiffer bristles because they could potentially scratch up your tiles.

Clean Up Spills Immediately

Spills and accidents happen. It’s best practice to clean up any and all spills when they happen, even if it’s just a few drops. Spills can lead to staining and excessive liquid can damage your tiles and grout work resulting in the potential need for costly repairs. Also, spills are a hazard, and we don’t want anyone to slip and hurt themselves! The best way to clean up spills is to use a soft, clean cloth to absorb all of the liquid first. Then spray the area with a tile-safe cleaner and wipe it down. If the spill involved raw meat or dairy, follow up with a disinfectant to eliminate any lingering germs.

Mop time!

Mopping your tile flooring doesn’t have to be an everyday chore, but you should give your floors a good scrubbing at least once a week. Unless your floors have visible grime, using a warm water and mild soap mixture should do the trick. For a deeper clean, try adding a tile safe cleaner to mild soap to the warm water. Best practice is to use cleaners made specifically for the type and brand of tile in your home. Our helpful and knowledgeable The North Floors team can help recommend excellent tile-specific cleaners.