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Luxury Vinyl



Ultra durable and high-quality construction means your luxury vinyl flooring from The North Floors will out last other flooring products.
Often when vinyl flooring is labeled as “environmentally friendly” or “made of recycled materials” it isn’t. These products use all types of fillers that are not high-quality, they reduce the overall cost, but the low-quality fillers are often contaminated and cause the product to smell.
Smelling the product before you buy it is important because for better or worse, that smell is going to be installed in your home.
All The North Floors products are made with VOC FREE inks to minimize the toxicity, reducing the harm to the environment and your family.
Our 100% Virgin Vinyl is our environmentally conscious product, made without toxic fillers and without odour.
Our maintenance product cleans, restores, and protects your floors, so you get the most out of your investment. Always consult with a flooring professional before using cleaning products on your floor. Many “off the shelf” products can cause damage or reduce the warranty of your flooring.