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Luxury Vinyl Plank Care

Best Tips To Take Care Of Your LVP Floors

Luxury Vinyl Plank is an excellent flooring solution. Not only is LVP a more cost-effective alternative to hardwood floors, but it also has many qualities that make it stand out. Incredible durability, easy to maintenance, and an extensive variety of chapes, colours, textures, and patterns – It’s no wonder LVP continues to be one of the most popular flooring choices.
To ensure your LVP flooring looks great and lasts a lifetime, here are some helpful Pacific Interior care tips:

Keep abrasive materials such as dirt and small stones out of the house by using doormats

Doormats are one of those home fixtures that are often ignored, but are actually very beneficial to a home, and especially to your floors. They are essential because they prevent dirt and water from getting into your interior floor every time someone – you or a visitor — steps inside your home. The mat fibers help to absorb and contain dirt, debris, and moisture, keeping it away from flooring. By reducing the amount of dirt and debris on your floors you will help to keep your home cleaner and also prevent your floors from getting scratched or scraped.

Sweep or vacuum the floor regularly or whenever you notice dirt and dust.

To keep your home looking its best and to reduce scratches and scrapes on your floors, we recommend vacuuming your floor regularly. Especially when you see noticeable dirt and dust. A little The North Floors cleaning trick: dust the room first before you vacuum! By following this tip, your vacuum cleaner will perform double duty: sucking up all the dirt and dust from the floor, while also sucking dust out of the air in its filter. To get an even better clean, move furniture out of the way before starting – Its amazing how much dust and dirt can get trapped under a couch.


A simple vinegar solution has always been the go-to-solution for cleaning vinyl floors. While safe, a vinegar solution has enough acidity to loosen up dirt or stains. Studies have proven that vinegar with only 10% acidity is just as effective as most specialized cleaning products in eliminating inactivate influenza viruses. Vinegar is also biodegradable and non-toxic, making it an eco-friendly option for your home. Bonus! Vinegar is non abrasive and won’t eat away at your floors finish or leave behind a bad chemical odour.


While a simple vinegar solution is great for vinyl floors, using a commercial cleanser every couple of weeks will prolong the shine and life of your floors. However, not all commercial cleaners are made specifically for vinyl floors. We recommend speaking to our knowledgeable The North Floors team to find the right commercial cleanser for your specific type and brand of vinyl flooring.